Instant match video highlights

  • Pitchero Play allows you to create match videos easily.
  • Included with the Manager app on iOS.
  • No video editing.
  • All the best moments from your game online in seconds.

Record. Create. Share.
From pitchside to online in minutes with Pitchero Play.

Available in the Manager app for iOS, Pitchero Play allows you to record, create and share match highlights instantly without any post-match editing. Get match videos online fast and let everyone witness the talent on the pitch in a matter of minutes.

Record your match

From kick-off to the final whistle, record your game and be in amongst the action for the full 90 minutes. You won’t need to think about any additional recording devices, Pitchero Play works perfectly on your iPhone ready for you to capture and share epic video highlights.

  • Record the match from pitchside.
  • Works with your iPhone or iPad.
  • No additional video camera device needed.

Create video clips automatically

Once that heroic goal’s been scored or a dramatic red card’s been shown, tag the team and player involved. It’s then down to Pitchero Play to turn this into a video clip. No cutting or editing is required from you, we’ll take care of the rest, you just keep on recording the game.

  • No editing needed.
  • Automatically create 30 second clips.
  • Upload instantly.

Shares to your website and social in seconds

Your clips are done and will automatically be shared onto your club website, apps and social media channels; now you’re all set to champion this content. The more you share on your website and social media, the more likely you are to attract new players which is a great boost for your club.

  • Share to social media channels.
  • Appears on your club website.
  • Greater club exposure.

Capture match video and statistics with Pitchero Play

Pitchero Play is more than a video tool. Throughout the match it will capture statistics, log events and generate a full match feed so when the final whistle goes, you’ve got all the highlights in front of you ready to be analysed. Redefine your game with Pitchero Play.

  • Match stats captured throughout the game.
  • Creates a match feed with stats and video.
  • Watch the clips and analyse your game post match.

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